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Business plans softwareSmall business plan sampleBusiness Plan software can be useful for first-time plan writers, particularly those who would prefer to work with a proven outline, format, and layout. Any of the packages listed here will serve those purposes well. Be sure, if you decide to go this route, that you add as much individuality as you can as you work with the software. Many lenders and investors have seen plans produced by these software templates; you will need to make an extra effort to distinguish yours when using them.

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became the #1 selling business planning software in 1998, outsold all competitors in 1999, and in 2000, has outsold all of its competitors combined.This is a user-friendly package that features a Plan Wizard that asks all of the right questions to get you thinking about your business.
Planigent Tip:The Exit Strategy
Regardless of how you get your plan done - on your own, with software, or with professional help - don't forget to tell your potential investors how they will get their money out. The "Exit Strategy" does not have to be complicated or lengthy, but omitting it is one of the most common mistakes that inexperienced business plan writers make. Here are some examples of typical exit strategies you can propose:
IPO (overused, to say the least)
Buyout by Management or other shareholders
Acquisition by another company
Third party buyout

"You delivered above and beyond what I expected; some of the market research stuff I didn't know myself until I read our plan."
Norman Christian, Jr. President, Anonymous Internet Site, Inc.

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