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Planigent Business Plan Template
Business plan executive summaryThis is the template you have been looking for. The Planigent Business Plan Template is a fully written business plan developed by the pros at Planigent. Fill in the blanks and replace the generic company, industry, and product references with your own details. Click here to download...

Moot Corp Competition
This is our favorite place for sample business plans, a site we use ourselves sometimes for inspiration and ideas. The site includes 25 complete plans, all of which were entries in the 1999 Moot Corp business plan competition. And the winner is...

Palo Alto Software
The BPlans.com site is run by Palo Alto Software, makers of the popular Business Plan Pro software. Be sure to scroll down the page to the drop-down box under the "List of Plans" heading. There you will find more than 30 plans for a wide variety of business types.

Restaurant Business Plan
This sample plan, like the meals of the Abonda restaurant it describes, is low-fat.

Small Business Institute
Free business plan softwareDisappointed with the low-fat menu in the last sample? This site includes sample business plans for an ice cream parlor, a Mexican restaurant, and four other high-fat, low-tech businesses.

Canada/British Columbia Business Service Centre
If you have had enough bad restaurant jokes try this sample business plan for a start-up manufacturing company.

SBA Online
Free business plan examplesThough strictly speaking not a sample business plan, we would be remiss if we did not include this excellent and thorough business plan tutorial put together by the U.S. Government's Small Business Administration.

University of Colorado
Definitely not your modern pure-play internet models, but worth a read nonetheless. The early business plan of some renown is proof that there was a time when business plans did not use words like "robust," "compelling," or "scalable."

Business plan sample business plansThere are two samples here; one for a manufacturing firm and one for a service business. Both are downloadable Word files. You will also find financial statements in Excel files. The formats are nice, but for whatever reason, there are no formulas in the spreadsheets.

Planigent Tip: Financial Projections
Set your business plan apart with detailed conservative financial projections. Nothing screams "Amateur!" more loudly to an investor than an entrepreneur with wildly optimistic financial projections who claims that they are "very conservative."
Equally important however, in the era of post-Internet start-up euphoria, is to demonstrate a clear "Path to Profitability." Show how and when your company will be profitable AND when it will achieve cash flow breakeven.
Angel Investors
Did you know that Angel Investors currently invest more than $50 Billion annually and are involved in 30 to 40 times more deals each year than traditional Venture Capital firms?
Don't Miss This One:
Ice cream parlor business planHere is an outstanding volume called Angel Investing: Matching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies. It discusses angel investing from the perspective of both investors and entrepreneurs. We love this book and recommend it highly.
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