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Write a business plan adviceIn addition to writing outstanding business plans, Planigent is dedicated to helping others learn to do it well. If you have never written a business plan before but are determined to do it yourself, there are a number of good ways to learn how.

We have assembled a thorough, if not exhaustive, collection of recommended business plan books, software, business plan articles, sample business plans, and online research links that will put you on the right track.

If it is information about raising capital that you need, go to our Investors page where you will find links to a number of VC and Angel Investor Web sites. Many of these allow you to post your business plan or executive summary and gain exposure to qualified investors.

We also recommend that you subscribe to the Planigent Venture Capital News Digest. Each week we comb the Web to find articles from dozens of online national publications covering the world of Venture Capital. In one free weekly email you will receive links to articles about who is making deals, how much funding they are providing, and what types of business models are getting the bucks. It is an invaluable, time-saving resource complements of your Planigent professionals.

Plan Review Service
Information on writing a business planDid you know that in addition to writing complete business plans, Planigent also provides a comprehensive and cost-effective plan review service for those determined souls who have written their own plans? Take advantage of our experience and expertise to put the finishing touches on your plan and bring it to the next level.
Planigent Tip: The Executive Summary
BusinessplanconsultantsPerhaps the most important section of your business plan. Remember this:
Steps to write a business plan Keep it short - 3 pages tops
Make the opportunity clear
State the plan's purpose succinctly
Explain the terms (investment needed, ROI)
Show the milestones
Remember, it might be the only section that gets read
Planigent Venture Capital News Digest
What is a business planWant to stay up-to-date on which business models are getting the big VC bucks? Try the Planigent Venture Capital News Digest. Get the scoop on all of the hot deals delivered weekly to your inbox.
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