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Business angels and venture capital funding

Business and financeCapitalWorthy
Business planning toolCapitalWorthy is a great first stop for anyone looking to take the plunge into raising equity capital.  Take some time to read through the excellent articles that offer an inside look at venture deals that you just won't find anywhere else.  And be sure to take the VCWorthy test, a twenty-point questionnaire that will evaluate your company's stage of development and tell you which type of capital firm might be interested.

Business plan helpA database of businesses seeking funding, venture capitalists, and angel investors with contact info. Investors register for free, those seeking capital pay $20 for a one year registration.

American Venture
Business and economyThe web site of American Venture Magazine is a good place to get your business plan in front of investors. The magazine, which recently came under new managment, is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.

Global Venture Network
Real estate business planGlobal Venture Network sponsors monthly meetings in New York to share information about the Internet and emerging technologies, and to foster the development of deal opportunities between entrepreneurs and venture capital firms. Cost to attend: $75 online, $95 at the door.

Freebusinessplans "A recognized meeting place" for entrepreneurs, VC firms, angel investors, and Investment Banks. Apply for a loan through vFinance, post your business plan for $100 per quarter, or search the list of investors and contact them yourself.

Venture Economics
Venture Economics is a division of Thomson Financial that sells various venture capital publications, databases and industry reports. Of particular interest is Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital Sources, which includes more than 1,400 VC listings with contact info; but, at $575, it's not cheap.

Venture Capital Access Online
VCAOnline is another in the ever-growing list of "leading" Internet-based marketplaces for venture capital and private equity funding. Entrepreneurs, investors, and advisers all pay $55 per year to be listed. Check out the VCPro Database, a CDROM that comprises 2,600 VC listings with contact info and investment criteria for $120.

Angel Investors
Did you know that Angel Investors currently invest more than $50 Billion annually and are involved in 30 to 40 times more deals each year than traditional Venture Capital firms?
Planigent Tip: Financial Projections
Set your business plan apart with detailed conservative financial projections. Nothing screams "Amateur!" more loudly to an investor than an entrepreneur with wildly optimistic financial projections who claims that they are "very conservative."
Equally important however, in the era of post-Internet start-up euphoria, is to demonstrate a clear "Path to Profitability." Show how and when your company will be profitable AND when it will achieve cash flow breakeven.
Don't Miss This One:
Here is an outstanding volume called Angel Investing: Matching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies. It discusses angel investing from the perspective of both investors and entrepreneurs. We love this book and recommend it highly.
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