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Business plan executive summarySimple business planHere are our three favorites. Any one of them is an excellent choice if you are determined to write your own business plan.
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Writing Business Plans That Get Results

Writing Business Plans That Get Results
by Michael O'Donnell
This book presents the key questions you need to answer as you approach each section of your business plan. Perfect for the writer confident in his writing style who simply needs the right prompting to get the job done.

The Complete Book of Business Plans : Simple Steps to Writing a Powerful Business Plan

The Complete Book of Business Plans
by Joseph A. Covello, Brian J. Hazelgren
If you prefer a book with lots of sample plans, look no further. In addition to many helpful guidelines, the book is packed with 11 complete business plans. What is especially nice about the samples is that they cover a broad range of business types, writing styles, and outline formats, so you can choose a model suited to your project.

The McGraw-Hill Guide to Writing a High-Impact Business Plan : A Proven Blueprint for First-Time Entrepreneurs

The McGraw-Hill Guide to Writing a High-Impact Business Plan
by James B. Arkebauer

Another different but very effective approach to teaching the art of writing a business plan. Arkebauer presents only one sample plan, but dissects it and explains each section and "High Impact Point" in detail.


Here are some other excellent books. Click on the cover to buy now from or to see what other readers have to say about it.

The Successful Business Plan

The Successful Business Plan
by Rhonda M. Abrams
A step-by-step guide to writing a business plan, this book will work equally well for beginners and experienced plan writers.

Entrepreneur's Guide to Preparing a Winning Business Plan Entrepreneur's Guide to Preparing a Winning Business Plan
by W. Keith Schilit
Not only a useful guide to writing a plan, but also an excellent primer on gearing your pitch to investors. Most other books do not address this important topic adequately.
The Ernst and Young Business Plan Guide The Ernst and Young Business Plan Guide
by Eric S. Siegel, Brian R. Ford, Jay M. Bornstein, G. Young Ernst
A helpful how-to book with information about choosing a funding strategy.
Your First Business Plan Your First Business Plan
by Joseph Covello, Brian J. Hazelgren
If you want it short and sweet, without much fluff, this book is for you. Not the depth of information provided by some of the other books listed here, but useful nonetheless.
Don't Miss This One:
Here is an outstanding volume called Angel Investing: Matching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies. It discusses angel investing from the perspective of both investors and entrepreneurs. We love this book and recommend it highly.
Planigent Tip: Financial Projections
Set your business plan apart with detailed conservative financial projections. Nothing screams "Amateur!" more loudly to an investor than an entrepreneur with wildly optimistic financial projections who claims that they are "very conservative."
Equally important however, in the era of post-Internet start-up euphoria, is to demonstrate a clear "Path to Profitability." Show how and when your company will be profitable AND when it will achieve cash flow breakeven.
Angel Investors
Did you know that Angel Investors currently invest more than $50 Billion annually and are involved in 30 to 40 times more deals each year than traditional Venture Capital firms?
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