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Business plan articles also cover raising venture capital

Business plan writing articles

Writing a Great Market Analysis
Business consultingby Al Lierman
Internet home businessAn important part of any good business plan is the Market Analysis. Before you can describe your marketing and sales strategies, you need to figure out what market you serve and what need you fulfill. Then...read more

Putting the P2P in Your Internet Business Plan
Small business planningby Al Lierman
Business plan formFor a time, it seemed that business plans, especially Internet business plans, needed only a cute dot com name and a forecast of heavy site traffic and user registrations to successfully obtain funding. That's not true anymore...read more

Develop a Business Plan Overview
Online business informationby Office.com
New business resourceA good description of the importance of planning as well as a concise overview of each aspect of a typical business plan's outline. From Office.com.

How to Write a Business Plan
Business plan consultantsby Rick DesBrisay
Business plan strategyHow can i write a business planBrief and to the point. Not for those looking for an in depth how-to guide.

Creating an Effective Business Plan
How to create a business planby American Express Small Business Services
Help writing a business planExcellent starting point for those who need plenty of help but do not want to spring for business plan software or books.

Writing an Effective Business Plan
by Deloitte & Touche
Another good overview, this one by the well known accounting firm. Features a paragraph or two about each section of a business plan.

How to Write a Business Plan
by Early Bird Capital
Here again is a basic business plan outline with questions for the entrepreneur to answer when completing each section. Nice handling of the Critical Risks section, one that many inexperienced business plan writers neglect

Raising venture capital for businesses

Angel Investing
by vcapital.com
"Professional venture capital firms invest about $12 billion a year in helping start and develop business. Angel investors invest $60 billion a year."

Show Me the Money
by vcapital.com
How to executive summary "Nontechnology Startups Can Find Funding Too - Advice on Where to Look." An excellent description of sources of capital besides VCs.

Net VC: Past Its Prime?
by Paul Bonanos, The Standard
What is an executive summaryResearchers can't agree on whether second-quarter Internet venture capital funds topped the first quarter. But one thing is clear: VC for e-commerce is hurting.

The ten no-bull axioms of VC
By Lawrence Aragon, Redherring.com, November 17, 1999
Business plan free samplesInteresting discussion with Mike Santer of Divine Interventures.

If you want to see more Venture Capital articles, check out the Planigent Venture Capital News Digest
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